The secret life 
of life, is your mind. 
It's state, invisible 
to the naked eye,
propels you forward, 
or holds you right back. 
Hold back, hesitate; 
fearing it'll all go astray, 
predestining failure,  
merely existing, 
your mind killing 
off any visible life.
Grow isolated, 
dismal, distraught, 
and depressed. 
Missed opportunities, 
disregarded joys, 
of truly living. 
It don't matter     
how hard you try; 
you can't protect 
yourself from every 
risk to be had; 
stay in bed -
the roof might 
and kill you. 
Follow your dreams 
no matter what 
might ensue.     
It isn't significant 
whether a success 
or not.
No: true wealth - 
is in the friendships, 
skills, and wisdom,
gained along the way; 
becoming an ever more
rounded living soul.
Don't get lumbered with
the 'what ifs' and 'if onlys' 
when death raps at your door.
No: feed your inner mind
with optimism, 
encourage with authority, 
and establish strength, 
determination and zeal 
to push for true living, 
feeling the fear and 
doing it anyway. 
Knock on those doors 
of opportunity, 
unlocking some 
but not others, 
reaping the valuables 
to be had, 
in the process - 
the trying, the winning, 
the losing and mostly 
discovery of good times 
and fun to be had, 
in between and thereafter. 
So feel that fear 
and do it anyway! 
Don't go getting 
trapped under 
a roof of fear, 
as it just might 
cave in, and kill you!
So go ahead, feel that fear
and do it anyway!
© Lise Marron