A mind capsized -
conniving viper,
rapidly switching  
out my light.

Broken body, forced
to constantly pace,
forbidden to briefly
recess, tsunami of
heat at my heals.

 I plead, I beg, I wail
- the pain – I stumble.
Heals singeing;
got to hasten pace,
this one plea, wholly

I can’t, I mustn’t, but
I am, swallowed, yet
again, into its fiery
flames - still I live.

But how - eternally
draped in endless
layers of molten
lava? Ought not
I be dead?

Alone, silently
I scream, to no
avail.  Gremlin,
pressing me down,
I splutter, I cough –
mustn’t let him win,
maybe he should.

© 2015 Lise Marron