A warm summer's day I see a young fine woman.
You so prettily dressed, lovely and cute.
My heart starts to beat faster than normal.
A strong wind flew by me. I could hardly catch my breath...
Seeing a young, fine woman like you in the summer sun has taken me back
knowing that I could never tell you how much you meant to me.
In that summer sun I felt a true warmth of happiness inside my heart as never before.
I feel sad today because I never had the courage to tell you how beautiful you were...
On that warm Summer's day.

© 2016 by David Paddy

The secret life 
of life, is your mind. 
It's state, invisible 
to the naked eye,
propels you forward, 
or holds you right back. 
Hold back, hesitate; 
fearing it'll all go astray, 
predestining failure,  
merely existing, 
your mind killing 
off any visible life.

A mind capsized -
conniving viper,
rapidly switching  
out my light.

Broken body, forced
to constantly pace,
forbidden to briefly
recess, tsunami of
heat at my heals.

Why, why, oh why, must it be -
present conflict, tension with another,  
catapults me back to a time past,
a time filled with tension, conflict,
anxiety, the sensation of being chased,
locked-in, trapped in a pitch black,
windowless  corridor, no doors to escape?

Feelings of helplessness, not knowing
what to do, to let the tension escape
from my head, my body. The massive
eruption in my brain, my body bombarded,
brutally pounded, pumped with tension,
compressed and weighted down.