Think of the Environment and Give to Capable Creatures

Recycle/Sell for Cash

  1. Old Mobile Phones - Sell them to mazumamobile or envirofone or use mobilevaluer to get the best price and give your earnings to us
  2. Reusable Clothes - Sell your old clothes, paired shoes, belts and handbags to Cash for Clothes or genierecycling and give your earning to us or give used clothes to Charity Ecosystem
  3. Milk Bottle Tops  - Collect your milk bottle tops and get friends, family, children's schools, your church or other organisations you are part of to collect them for us. Then, set up an account with GHS Recycling for Charities nominating Capable Creatures as the organisation that you wish to support, making sure to give them our registration number EW23552. Make sure your milk tops do not include foil inserts or stickers. You can also check out the GHS Leaflet for more Information register when get hmrc number
  4.  Ink Cartridges - Register with Recycle4Charity and send them your used ink cartridges, nominating us as the organisation you wish to support
  5. Give a Car
    Scrap or sell your old car today and make a difference to Capable Creatures. is a social enterprise that raises money for charities by accepting donations of scrap cars. You can choose to donate all the proceeds, or give half to charity and keep half for yourself.
    Giveacar arranges the collection of your vehicle for free, and every car is either recycled to high environmental standards or sold at auction.
    The profits of each sale are then sent to a charity of your choice – so please support Capable Creatures by donating your unwanted car to us through Giveacar!