Payroll Giving is one of the most effective forms of regularly giving to your chosen cause. It allows you to make a regular donation to Capable Creatures from your salary, tax free, so it costs you less to give more. As this is a regular source of income, we can plan and budget more effectively, enabling us to Empower and Enable more people with Mental Health Conditions to live a fulfilling life, able to access and participate in everyday normal activities.


How does it Work?

If your employer is signed up to HMRC’s Payroll Giving scheme, it’s easy to nominate Capable Creatures as your chosen charity.  

Simply fill out either your employer’s donation form or ours (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information), and give it to your payroll department. It is also easy to opt out, at any time, simply inform your payroll department. Your donation will be deducted from your salary, before tax. So if you are a basic tax payer and choose to give £10 to us, only £8 will actually be taken from your pay. We’ll send you a thank you letter for your donation if you choose to reveal your identity. You can find further information here.


What if my Employer does not offer Payroll Giving?

You can ask them to sign up to HMRC’s Payroll Giving scheme or you can give in another way, such as by making a donation or by fundraising.


What if I change job?

Your contributions will automatically stop as soon as you receive your final pay from your current employer. If your new employer has a Payroll Giving Scheme, you can start your donations again by filling in their form or if they are not you can ask them to  sign up to HMRC’s Payroll Giving scheme and then it’s easy for you to nominate Capable Creatures as your chosen charity.