Consider choosing Capable Creatures as your company’s charity of the year, improve staff morale and productivity, while aiding our fundraising and marketing activities.

For you and your staff, supporting Capable Creatures not only demonstrates your commitment to people's mental health and well-being, but it can help to improve staff morale and productivity. It may also enable your staff to talk about their mental health and help ensure your work place is accepting of people with mental health conditions, especially important when 1 in 4 of us will suffer from a mental health condition in our life-time.

Your company will benefit from our public relations support, fundraising guides and creative ideas, advice on mental health and disability awareness, not to mention presentations and demonstrations.

There are many ways  you can work with us to assist more people with Mental Health Conditions train their dogs as Guides for the Mind Assistance Dogs, help them regain a sense of purpose,  more independence and better quality of life!



Sponsor the training of a person with a Mental Health Condition and their ''Guides For the Mind' Assistance Dogs ' and follow them through training and adventure


Corporate Giving and Gifts in Kind

Companies can support us both with funding, and by donating time, skills or products. You can make a cash donation direct to our work – it is simple and secure using our Online Giving Page.



Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is a cost effective way for  employees to make a regular financial contribution to us from your salary, tax-free. By signing up to HMRC’s Payroll Giving scheme, if you are not already, it’s easy for your employees to nominate Capable Creatures as their chosen organisation to support. Employees fill out either your giving/donation form or ours (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us for information), and give it to your payroll department.


Matched Giving

You could reinforce the great sense of purpose and pride giving to community projects instils in your employees, encourage team building by rewarding your employees for their generosity and boost the value of their contributions by match giving/funding their fundraising for and/or regular financial contributions to Capable Creatures.


Employee Fundraising

Your staff may wish to organise events to fundraise for us. See our Fundraising page for ideas.

Your staff could undertake a corporate support challenge . We will provide full support including t-shirts, sponsorship forms and guidance to use My Donate to get donations.

You could place a collection tin in your office or by the till in your shop.


Employee Volunteering

You could allow your staff time off to volunteer their skills and knowledge to Capable Creatures so we can empower more people with Mental Health Conditions. This allows your company to develop a more personal link with our organisation, our work and service users, show your staff you care about them and their community, generate new business and you benefit from more productive and satisfied employees.


Creating Awareness and Support

Your company could undertake the vital task of spreading the word about our work to enable us to help more people. Staff, family or friends may be able to volunteer their time or skills or know someone who may wish to volunteer or may know a person with a Mental Health Conditions that may benefit from our services.

We are always open to new ideas and are happy to work with you to form a tailored plan that will meet your business objectives, while ensuring your support makes a real difference to our service users. You can contact us using the details below.
To find out more and speak to someone about nominating or choosing Capable Creatures as your company’s charity of the year, making a financial contribution, or providing any other form of support please contact Lise Marron on 023 80559163 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.