Puppy from Breeder or Rescue Dog

Puppy from a Breeder

Advantages Puppy from a Breeder

From a reputable breeder that has given it lots of the right early stimulation and experiences, including puppies residing in the family home, puppy is familiar with, likely acceptant of common household noises and appliances e.g. vacuum cleaner, TV, washing machine etc and able to settle into its new home easily.

Unlikely to have learned unwanted behaviours/habits.

Looking at parents - know likely size puppy will grow.

Likely to quickly form a strong bond with you.

Will grow into the dog you train and shape it into, if you put in the hours of required 'positive methods' training.


Disadvantages Puppy from a Breeder

Takes time and effort finding a reputable breeder.

More expensive to buy puppy verses getting a puppy/dog from rescue.

Will need time and effort to housetrain, including getting up in the middle of the night to take it out.

Will need time and money to take basic training and puppy socialisation classes and socialise it with all types of people & animals & familiarise it with all the sights, sounds, environments and objects it is likely to encounter over its life time.

Temperament not so obvious.

You will have to pay for it to be neutered.

Full time chore, just like a new born baby coming home from hospital, requiring your full attention, ready to redirect their undesirable behaviours e.g. go to chew the furniture, always on the ready to take them out to the toilet, feeding them little and often and so on.

Rescue Puppy/Dog

Advantages of a Rescue Puppy/Dog

You are giving a puppy/dog a second chance.

Usually housetrained and not needing to be taken out in the middle of the night.

Size, temperament and appearance will be obvious, if an adult dog.

The  “puppy chewing stage” will have passed so your new dog will likely settle for a suitable chew toy e.g. Kong, deer antler

The unruly puppy stage will have passed, if an adult.

Likely to have been neutered, saving you the expense.

Likely to have some basic training, saving you the time, effort and cost.

Fee to the rescue centre likely to be a lot less than price of a puppy from a breeder.

The rescue staff are usually knowledgeable about the basic temperament, character and behavioural needs of their dogs and will be able to help you make a good selection so you go home with a dog that best meets your needs and suits your lifestyle.

Most rescue centres will give you a lot of help and support in taking on an adult dog.


Disadvantages of a Rescue Puppy/Dog

You may have no idea what kind of puppy-hood your rescue dog has had. Was he a product of a puppy mill? Was he mistreated? It may show up in their adult behaviour and require some re-training or life-long behavioural management.

May take time to build a trusting bond.

If you adopt a puppy you may not be able to predict their size when fully grown and the same disadvantages of a puppy from a breeder.