Capable Creatures (CC), transpired from the very personal experience of Lise Marron, who already enduring mental health difficulties, suffered a physical and further mental trauma, on being assaulted by a group of youths, in 2002.

In 2010, Lise got a Cavalier King Charles puppy, that she named Daithí (Dha-Hee). Lise, independently, began training him as her Assistance Dog. Lise soon discovered that the training process and having a trained Assistance Dog, by her side, greatly mitigated the difficulties and symptoms she experiences due to her Mental Health Disability.

Having Daithí by her side, has given Lise the ability to live a more balanced, diverse life;  better interact with people and contribute to her local community. It is by having Daithí's assistance that Lise has been able to set up Capable Creatures, to help others with Mental Health Conditions mitigate the disabling symptoms of their conditions and do the things they want to do through the use of dogs.

Currently, assistance in training and the use of 'Guides for the Mind' Assistance Dogs (G4DM ADs), often referred to as 'Psychological' Assistance Dogs (PADs), is not widely available in the UK. Lise hopes to make this change by providing assistance to people with Mental Health Conditions, initially in Southampton and later more widely in the region, in the training of their dogs as their 'Guides for the Mind' Assistance Dogs and having these dogs officially recognised and accepted as such. To help her in this work, Lise has undertaken a Certificate in Dog Behaviour and Training, by Sarah Whitehouse, accredited by the Open College Network (OCN).

CC are a User-Led Organisation - People who experience or have experienced a Mental Health Condition and people that support people with a Mental Health Condition that value the positive impact our Dogs have on our Mental Health and believe in promoting and utilising Companion Dogs and 'Guides for the Mind' Assistance Dogs, in mitigating the disabling symptoms of Mental Health Conditions.