Mission Statement

To Empower and Enable People with Mental Health Conditions to have Choice and Control to live an Independent and Fulfilling Life, as they see fit, and to Eradicate the Stigma and Discrimination felt by People with Mental Health Conditions.


Capable Creatures (CC) values the strong positive bond that develops between people with Mental Health Conditions and their dogs, the companionship they bring, the bridge they provide for social interaction and value they bring to improving the quality of life, bringing routine, consistency and a reason to be needed and look after our health. CC is here to promote this quality of life for both people with Mental Health Conditions and that of their dogs, through education, training and providing a supportive network.

CC sees people with Mental Health Conditions as the experts and put immense value on this expertise and shared experience, hence why we are a User-Led Organisation, made up of dog owners or people who enjoy the company of dogs who experience or have experienced a Mental Health Condition or support or have supported a partner/family member/friend with a Mental Health Condition.

CC values personal expertise, self-direction, understanding and the ability to recognise and establish what one needs in achieving one's personal and health goals and in forming solutions that work.

CC advocates always being non-judgemental and respectful of peoples’ aspirations to achieve and attain their own desired outcomes.

Having choice, control, independence, equality and quality of life, while living with a Mental Health Condition, is at the heart of everything that we do and stand for.


  • Recognise the power of resourcefulness, rather than focusing on problems, deficits or weaknesses
  • Respect people's wishes
  • Ultimately, people know what is best for them
  • People possess all the resources they need to follow their mental well-being journey
  • The person is the expert and we are the facilitators
  • CC needs to be creatively curious, to learn what needs to be done to help the person
  • Accept the paradox of crisis as opportunit
  • Acknowledge that all goals must belong to the person
  • The simplest possible means should be sought
  • There is always a way; we just haven't found it yet, that's all!
  • Give each person choices and options, not final answers
  • Mental Wellness is possible
  • Change is inevitable — nothing lasts
  • Understand that difficult feelings and behaviours are normal responses to traumatic circumstances, and that what is happening in our lives need not be considered symptoms or a diagnosis
  • All people are equal, and merit being treated with dignity, compassion, mutual respect, and unconditional high regard; as a unique, special individual, including acceptance of diversity with relation to culture, ethnicity, language, religion, race, gender, age, disability, sexual identity and treat others the same way
  • Independent
  • Speak out and oppose anything that disadvantages people with Mental Health Conditions
  • Welfare of our dogs is paramount