We are a User-Led, Non-Profit Organisation, based in Southampton, set up by people with Mental Health Conditions to Empower and Enable people with Mental Health Conditions to live a fulfilling life, able to access and participate in everyday normal activities, through peer support and the use of dogs.

We recognise the benefits of Dog Ownership to Mental Health, offering dog owners with Mental Health Conditions opportunity for peer support, training and exercise with their dogs.

We are also raising funds to develop our 'Guides for the Mind' Assistance Dog Programme, to assist people with Mental Health Disabilities in the training of 'Guides for the Mind' Assistance Dogs, to mitigate specific disabling symptoms of their Mental Health Conditions.

As we are a Community-Based Organisation, people using our services and support have the opportunity to interact informally with those living within the community, when out and about training and walking their dogs. We hope that this will help break down any stigma and discrimination, often felt by people with Mental Health Conditions.

Have or have had a Mental Health Condition

Support or care for someone with a Mental Health Condition

Believe in the positive effects dogs have on our mental health

Interested in finding out more or getting involved

Why not email Lise at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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